Settembre 2015

EXOCAD News - Engine build 5675

Who can use this software version?
Anyone who is entitled to software updates: That is, if the dongle was purchased less than a year ago, or if an update contract has been purchased that covers the current period. Remember that you can get an individual quote for an update contract by entering the serial number of the dongle in exoportal; the system will calculate the price considering the modules activated and the time since the last update period. We still have a cap for the surcharge for a gap in update contracts - so even for dongles purchased four years ago and never got an update contract so far, you can get an update to the latest version at a very reasonable price!

Which OS platforms are supported?
Even though the new software features a "Windows 8 style" look, it will still run on Windows 7. Windows 8 and 8.1 are also supported. The 32-bit version supports both 32-bit and 64-bit OS, though 64-bit is recommended.

Scanner Integration

New Digital impression scan beta option available for scanning more than one bite impression
Improvement Updated SDK version to support many new scanner models of 2015.
Note: Only the 64-Bit version is recommended for using exoscan due to memory requirements.
Improvement Changed multi-die import matching to preserve surfaces of previously registered dies when adding a new die to allow working with preparations/dies which are very close together or even intersect visually due to scanner inaccuracies.
Improvement Best fit registration is now executed automatically when working with
“-preregistered” files.
Improvement Added configuration option to allow vestibular scan registration with flipped normals for impression scanning. (JawRegistrationSurfaceNormalsMayBeInverted)
Improvement Digital impression antagonist scan type is now supported with exoscan desktop scanners that offer impression scanning including the case of two healthy jaws.
Improvement exoscan would show Antagonist for both jaws when working with healthy teeth in impression scan mode.


New Scanimport04 for Planmeca's IOS PlanScan added.
Improvement General scan-import behavior improvements.
Improvement Add-option to enable project dependent indicator buttons.
Improvement In some skins when opening combobox with elements grouped then some elements may not be displayed (e.g. in Color-Dropdown).
Improvement Fix for duplicate tray number after user deleted a project from the database.


New Use cloud-based material configuration only if dentalshare recipient user/group has explicitly specified (uploaded) a material configuration.

DentalDB/Work params

New Updated 3M Lava™ material configuration.


New Bridge split feature is now available for advanced designs or optimized production
New New Freeform beta feature to add attachments/bolts that go ‘through’ the crown (needs to be enabled in settings.xml by AttachmentInFreeformShowOptionAllowTouchAnything, and user must activate it manually). Useful for adjustable construction elements for telescopical crowns (e.g. Si-tec TK-Soft).
New Added option InlayBlockoutPreplineIfParamIsZero to (default)-settings.xml allow blocking out of preparation margins due to undercuts (default=off like in previous versions).
Improvement Freeform applied attachment/bolt surfaces now avoid getting fuzzy after closing freeform dialog.
Improvement Interoperability of scene files between 32/64-bit DentalCADApp improved e.g. when working with 2D-Images.
Improvement Tool for creating the tooth library setup can now also edit approximal contact points (Shift+Click to reposition approx. contacts).
Improvement Face scan and textured scan rendering improved, and support .obj files where the texture file name is referenced in a separate .mtl file.
Improvement Improved error reporting behavior in case of crashes (regression fix since transition to Microsoft .NET 4.0).
Improvement Software online activation dialogue is now only displayed once.
Improvement Attachment scaling is now configurable with flag in Attachment library config.xml (default is NOT scalable due to many requests by attachment library providers).
Improvement Fixed Inlay tooth model adaptation crash in some cases when new option InlayAdapationIntelligentCutting was not disabled.
Improvement Waxups can now be adapted to gingiva when they were designed on manually placed implants (without implant library).
Improvement Waxup automatic axis estimation might lead to exception messages or wrong coloring in Distance to antagonist tools.
Improvement Freeform merged in rare circumstances when user changes design and closes dialogue very fast afterwards, it might lead to wrong .constructionInfo files due to cache issues.
Improvement Pontic occlusal axes might be upside down after using Load custom tooth model in some scan data configurations (and then it’s bottom cannot be adapted to gingiva).
Improvement Image2D bugfixes in spline drawing and to delete loaded images).


New New articulator “bioArt A7 Plus” added.
Improvement Improved automatic removal of intersections between both jaws in scan data editor step when working without registered jaw coordinate systems, or where scan data is very inclined.
Improvement Crash bugfix when restarting articulator where protrusion was not calculated in previous simulation.


Improvement General robustness improved especially with lab analogues.
Improvement Improve visual rendering of base plate geometries.
Improvement .modelInfo can export “Drill holes” when configured in plates.
Improvement Bugfix in .modelInfo file export in some configurations.
Improvement 1-click tooth model segmentation crash bugfix in rare cases.

Provisional Module

Improvement Preserve scan data vertex-coloring in provisional module.
Improvement 1-click tooth model segmentation crash bugfix in rare cases.


Improvement STL-Import wizard optimized.
Improvement Premill-Abutment support also possible when importing raw stl files.
Improvement Loading .constructionInfo robustness improved when loading files from other software versions.
Improvement Support for multilayer blanks with configurable layer colors and sizes.

3D Pdf

Improvement Optimized output data was not compatible with current Adobe Reader versions when scan data had topology errors.


Improvement Function to visualize open edges in meshes now also visualized topology problem points.

Tooth Library ZRS

New Improved and extended tooth library add-on "ZRS" now available:

  • 61 sets of upper arch anterior teeth
  • 19 sets of lower jaw anterior teeth
  • 19 sets of upper arch posteriors
  • 19 sets of lower jaw posteriors