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(50) In "one-way" and in "zig-zag" machining has been added the new parameter "Use the Z feed" which allows to add in the NC file the Z feed defined in the tool's parameters.

(49) New CNC added to complete the SUM3D cinematic simulator option.

(48) In the AMM module is now possible set the scallop height which defines the step over.

(47) More chances to rotate/traslate the tool paths in the AMM module. The function now allows to control collisions during the tool path rotation/traslation.

(46) Added in the AMM module the management of links between roughing passes. Now can be set the strategies of first-entry/last-exit between roughing passes.

(45) Added in the cinematic simulation of the tool path, the possibility to instantly verify collisions. This allows to speed up the check of the tool path without wasting time.

(44) In the two curves machining it has been added a parameter for the management of “Intermediate retraction positioning”. In case of machining on large sized models, and with great variation in Z, it is possible to manage intermediate positioning: minimum possible Z, maximum Z or highest point of processing.

(43) In the calculation of machining times it has been added “Rapid paths”. This means that the calculated times will take into consideration all the parameters, including the input of machine data (machine archive), accelerations/decelerations and effective speed of rapid paths.

(42) In the machining of 5 axis curves is now active the parameter “Path sharp corners rounding”. This allows the introduction of small radii on all corners present in the path. In this way movements due to the change of path direction are smoother.

(41) New commands to memorize the history of the model. This set of 3 commands in the "Configuration" menu allows to display the operations of rotation, traslation, mirroring and scaling performed on the model starting from the acquisition.
Enabling the command "Model History", and than " Show model history" it’s possible to verify operations and values applied till then. The command "Delete model history" resets the status. This choice consents to check the performed operations avoiding mistakes or wrong repetitions.

(40) Added the management of the postprocessor for CNC TPA for a direct programming in the specific format for the machining of wood.

(39) Added a new postprocessor for CNC Mecanumeric model MF1525 "Mecanum". This 3D pantograph is programmed in incremental encoder steps.

(38) "Roughing" -> "Transform/Rotate": fixed some problems of the AMM’s command to rotate/traslate the tool paths.

(37) Increased to 30000 the maximum number of curves manageable in SUM3D.

(36) The start of the cinematic simulation of the tool path has been highly speeded (optional module of SUM included in AMM).

(35) In machines’ archive it has been added a new parameter to link or not the corners within rapid movements.

(34) New features for a better graphic management of the simulation have been added to the cinematic simulator present in the AMM module or as an option of SUM3D.

(33) The libraries of the AMM advanced module (4/5 axis machining) have been updated. The new release offers these new features:
a) “Strategy menu” -> “Cutting method”: it’s now possible to select the spiral path too.
b) “Strategy menu” -> “Machine by”: new command to optimize paths per lanes or regions.
c) “Strategy menu” -> “Surface edge handling”: command to set the dimensions of the fissures to be avoided in the path calculation.
d) “Strategy menu”-> “Advanced”: command to set the general tolerance for the tool path calculation.
e) “Strategy menu”-> “Start point”: it’s now possible to set a shift by value, applied in subsequent cuts, to avoid scallops.
f) “Gauge check menu” -> “Strategy and parameters” -> “Tilting tool away with max angle”-> “Advanced”: new choices for optimization of the tool rotation in case of collisions. This new feature is very useful in case of application of this control to 3 axis paths.
g) “Roughing menu” -> “Stock definition” -> “Stock def. parameters”: new parameters available for the collision control of the tool/spindle with the stock.
h) “Roughing menu” -> “Area roughing”: new parameters to empower the potentiality of this strategy.
i) “Roughing menu” -> “Transform/Rotate”: new window to define the rotation/traslation of part or entire toolpath.
l) Time for machining calculations have been dramatically reduced with this AMM’s update.

(32) New parameter added in the machining of 3D profile pocketing. It is the parameter "Don’t mill the external borders of the surfaces", displayed with an additional window when choosing fields "Selected curves " and " Machining area defined by selected surfaces". In this way it’s possible to set up if you want to machine or not surfaces’ external edges, in practice if the tool must rotate around corners. To ease this function the external vertical surfaces have to be de-selected.

(31) In wire erosion there’s a new parameter to consider NURBS surfaces while calculating the cut with the related syncs required from this kind of surfaces.

(30) The window to import files from CAD systems has been changed to allow the selection of multiple files to be imported at the same time.

(29) Now is requested a confirmation to import or not the existing curves, while importing a machining.

(28) Added a new postprocessor for Datron CNC.

(27) Created a new toolbar of commands (optional) purposely engineered for the production of copings, crowns and bridges, for dental applications.

(26) In the window to modify the common parameters there is now the possibility to change the machining accuracy, the diameter, the radius and the tool number, and the identification of raw part.

(25) In the machines archive added 2 fields to manage the acceleration and deceleration of the rapid movements for the times calculation.

(24) In “Layer menu” added the chance to determine the stock also by a curve.

(23) In “Execute menu”, in the machining tree, there’s the new command "Compare with rest material" which allows the cut of any calculated machining, basing on the material left from a previous machining.

(22) In “Tool axis orientation” it’s now possible to select a curve to define the orientation during the machining.

(21) In “2 curves machining” it has been added the management of execution sequence and the opportunity to create extensions of external sides of the tool path.

(20) In the “Profile 3D pocketing” is now possible to choose surfaces as an alternative to curves, for instance to make easier the radius rest. Together with this is possible to set an offset of the selected tool radius and of the condition of constant increment along selected curves/surfaces.

(19) In zig-zag or one-way machining is now possible to set the angle of maximum and minimum toolpath slope, in order to limit the machining within 2 angles.

(18) Added the possibility to work by concentric passes or parallel passes in the Pocketing machining.

(17) Added the management of technological data related to the materials which can be chosen.

(16) In the tool’s cutting data is now possible to manage different feddrate percentages on small radii or corners. These parameters are enabled with the command “Feedrate reduction on toolpath edges”.

(15) In “Pocketing/Z-level contouring” there’s a new optimization in constant oversize toolpath: "3D concentric passes on low slope areas".

(14) Added a new disc tool with double radius.

(13) Increased from 5 to 16 the starting points in “Pocketing/Z-level contouring”.

(12) In “Curve menu”, added the command to automatically orient selected curves in a clockwise or counter-clockwise way.

(11) In “Curve menu”, added the command to define the start point of the machining for each curve.

(10) In “Surface menu”, added the command to manage and display surfaces’ vectors for the machining of curves or 5 axis U-Vlines.

(9) Optimized the algorithm of calculation for pocketing and Z-level contouring with a 20% reduction of time of calculation.

(8) New possibility to manage in all machining the raw part layer and the worked model updated with the various machining.

(7) In the machining tree is now possible to copy a machining by activating its overturn.

(6) New structure for the tree "Group" which for instance can contain all kind of machining of one face of the model or the machining to create a tap hole.

(5) Thanks to the advanced 5 axis module AMM (optional), it’s possible to manage the orientation of 4/5 axis in continuum with full collisions control on all SUM3D machining.

(4) Introduction of the cinematic simulation (optional) of the whole machine tool up to 5 axis in continuum with collisions control.

(3) Update and enhancement of the new advanced functions of AMM (optional) for 4 and 5 axis continuous machining.

(2) Update of the importer of the files .3dm for the new release 4.0 of Rhinoceros

(1) Update of the import libraries of the native files: Catia V4, Catia V5, Unigraphics, PRO/E, SolidWorks, Inventor and Step.

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