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(11) Two new parameters added to define data in cinematic simulation. The parameter "interpolation for distance rapid moves " allows to fraction these moves. The parameter "angle tolerance for using machine limits" applied when activating controls on axis’ limits.

(10) Added a parameter to import files from Catia V4 and V5 (optional). The parameter "Surface margins redefinition", allows to obtain smoother edges.

(9) In “Configuration” menu has been added the new command "Show unreachable toolpath". This new feature allows to display in graphic way all not milled areas. In this way it is possible to configure the machining choosing to mill the entire area, or to set a further machining to mill these areas. When the command is enabled, the user can hide or display the areas not involved in the machining.

(8) In “Configuration” menu has been added the new command "Rest material by 3 or 5 axis". in case of undercut or indexed machining, this new command allows to manage the dynamic rough to set the rest-milling of these areas.

(7) The update file for the AMM libraries has been modified. Now all files in the Upgrade folder have been named with the version name. The version shows the month and year of release. The files related to the new cinematics have been removed from the libraries, to get a lighter download file . Anyway, upgraded cinematics or new cinematics files are in the main AMM update folder. The file’s name is “Machines.exe” and it’s always self-installing.

(6) New CNC added to complete the Cinematic Simulation Module.

(5) In the start window of the cinematic simulator, added the possibility to input the simulation tolerance and the flags to activate the collision control of the toolpath and of the re-positioning.

(4) New version of "AMM" for 4/5 axis machining. Great improvements of some functions and reduction of the calculation times. New implementations:
a) “Surface paths” -> “Parallel cuts": added the button "Select machining angles" which allows to set the machining angle of the cuts’ strategy.
b) “Surface paths” -> "Area" -> "Type" -> select the option “Full, start and end at exact surface edges” to display the button "Margins": it allows to set start and end margins, the additional margin to overcome surface edge inaccuracies and to add the internal tool’s radius too.
c) “Surface paths” -> updated the window to define the start point of machining.
d) “Tool axis control" -> "Output format": by selecting 4 axis and activating the option "Rotary Axis" it’s now possible to set the contact point of the tool (point tool to rotary axis).
e) “Gouge check" -> in the options "Moving tool away" added: “Retract tool in user defined direction” and “Retract along tool contact line”.
f) “Gouge check" -> in the option "Leaving out gouging point" following options have been added: “Don’t trim toolpath”, “Trim toolpath after first collision”, “Trim toolpath before last collision”, and “Trim toolpath between first and last collision”.
g) “Gouge check" -> “Strategy and parameters”: in the options "Tilting tool away from max angle" have been added new commands to better manage rotation/tilting to avoid collisions.
h) “Gouge check" -> “Strategy and parameters”: added the new option " Report collisions" and the flag "Report remaining collisions" to verify the areas where the tool collides. In this case the colliding parts of the tool will be highlighted in dotted yellow.
i) "Link": it has been changed the "Lead-in/out" section. Now the window sets the default of the available macros.
l) "Link": with lead-in and lead-out macros, it’s possible to use the default macro or to input a customized macro for the chosen strategy.
m) "Link" -> updated the window to set the clearance area. It’s now possible to set a vector to create the clearance’s plane/cylinder.
n) “Roughing menu” -> “Stock definition” -> updated the window "Stock def. parameter". Now it’s possible to set a value to shrink or expand the stock, and to use the new flags to check stock collisions with the tool shaft, the arbor and the holder.

(3) Update of the importer of the Parasolid files.

(2) Update of the importer of the Rhinoceros native files .3dm release 4.0 SR2.

(1) Update of the importer of the native files of CAD: Catia V4, Catia V5, Unigraphics, PRO/E, Inventor, SolidWorks, and Step.

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