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(42) The new "AMM" option version is released (Ver. 0909). That new version includes a remarkable computing time reduction and also following improvements:
a) New speed up cinematic simulator, with a new interface, new "analisis / removing material / stock managing" advanced features.
b) New tilting tool's strategies for impellers machining.
c) New parameters to better optimize spiral machinings.
d) New parameters for external sharp corners rounding.
e) New "check collision" parameters for machinings conversion (from 3 to 5 axes) and to better manage frontal and lateral rotations in order to avoid collisions in 5 axes toolpaths.
f) New ways to manage the "first entry" and the "last exit" links.
g) New "stock definition" parameters that allow to remove the short "rest material" movements.
h) New "Roughing" parameter regarding the "Multi passes" option, now is possible manage the "Gradual machining XY angle".
i) New "Roughing" parameter regarding the "Depth Cuts" option in order to optimize the passes ("Apply depth to" parameter).
l) Parameters and computing optimization for impellers roughing.
m) New "Utility" parameters about the "Axial shift".

(41) With last update (19/11/2009) a "Collision check of tool components" bug has been fixed.
We reccomend you to download it as soon as possible.

(40) In SUM3Dental we can mill an Implant Bridge without cylindrical hole inside the Model. In machining name add the "BREAK" word and the software calculate the drilling also without cylinder.

(39) In SUM3Dental there is a new icon to manage the shrinkage factor. there are 2 applications for this icon: the first when you don't remember the scale factor used during the importation of the model; the second when you need to mill in Zirconium the same file done in Plastic or Wax. In this case it is not necessary to reimport the model.

(38) In SUM3D dental a new command has been added. Is now possible to select only support pins we want completely cut.
Durind the STL import step this new feature automatically creates GREEN and RED support pins:
GREEN pins are connectors will be completely cut (by following the tooth surface, if strategy expects it),
RED pins are connectors will not completely cut in order to hold the item to the stock (then to avoid the detachment between item and stock).
These two different machining strategies must be added or just existing into strategies.
The "Select the cuttable holders" command lets to manually define connectors to completely cut (green) and connectors to don't completely cut (red).

(37) Add a new parameter in tools archive. It's the xy feedrate when the tools is in the full material. This parameter it's used only in the Pocketing.

(36) SUM3D Dental: in the optional importer now it's possible import the Etkon ® (SCN - NMDL) format.

(35) SUM3D Dental: it's add the possibility to avoid to change parameters with a flag in default parameter, strategies.

(34) SUM3D Dental: in the optional importer now it's possible import the Sweden&Martina ® (COF - XTL) format.

(33) SUM3D Dental: now it's possible mange the shrink value for the sintering process like a % or like a fixed value. Go to default setting, Model import.

(32) SUM3D Dental: It's possible manage the shift of the raw during the importation. If the flag it's active, during the import process will ask the shift value. Normally it's used when the equipment can manage more than one disc.

(31) SUM3D Dental: Now it's possible to add a picture to personalize the desktop. In default setting, Configuration you will find all information.

(30) The archives of the optional importers are updated (Catia V4, Catia V5, Pro/E, NX (Unigraphics), Inventor, Solid Works and Step).
This update is necessary for the compatibility with last 2009/2010 versions of mentioned CAD systems.

(29) In SUM3D Dental a new parameter has been added; in "Default settings -> Model Import" window in now possible to "Keep the original position" (Yes/No). That parameter lets to deactivate the "automatic translation of imported models" that avoids overlap with previously imported models.

(28) In SUM3D Dental the "STL import" window has been modified. The "Surface Reposition" flag has been removed (system automatically will do that).

(27) In SUM3D Dental a new command has been added, is now possible import the equipment.

(26) In SUM3D Dental "5 Axis Full" version a new strategy to machine the undercuts parts with 5 axes in continuum has been added.

(25) In SUM3D Dental now are available, (as optional modules), following STL importer tools: Cercon (ART) ®, Sirona (CDT/SDT) ® and Procera (C3S) ®.

(24) In SUM3D Dental "Accurate Positioning" command has been modified. Now it lets also to roto-translate links.

(23) In SUM3D Dental "Create link" command has been modified. Now it's no more necessary use lenght, the link will be create depending on existing offset curves.

(22) In SUM3D Dental now "Create link" command can also connects two elements. In this case the link's length will be referred to effective distance between two elements.
Other dimensional parameters remain same as standard links.

(21) Added new "Sum3d Dental Statistics" command in Utility menu. That runs the statistics manager optional module.

(20) Added new "Show Oppisite Side" command in Display menu for a "different color" display of surfaces to be machined. It's really useful to better show parts of the model to machine in 4/5 axes; the opposite side of machining side (also showed with a vector) will be showed with a different color user selects after command start.

(19) in SUM3D Dental, a problem in "Accurate positioning" command has been fixed; now is possible rotate the object on XY plane and "+/- 180" degres only, just in case the "Bounding Box Optimizer" is enabled (in STL import procedure) and you have a 4 axis machine (Default settings\Strategy\Number of axes = 4).

(18) A problem in "Create Cross Section" command (Curve menu) has been fixed.

(17) In SUM3D Dental it has been added the command to manually create the Prep-Lines. It is now possible to draw them manually by mouse clicking in the middle of the border collet. Finally you will set the width to automatically create the 2 machining curves.

(16) The archives of the optional importers are updated (Catia V4, Catia V5, Pro/E, NX (Unigraphics), Inventor, Solid Works and Step).
This update is necessary for the compatibility with last 2009 versions of mentioned CAD systems.

(15) "Creation curve" commands has been modified. Now curves can be directly create on selected planes and view. These curves are usually used for machining delimitation or toolpaths refining. Related "Creation curve" commands are: Rectangle, Circle, Arc, Polyline, Polyline to Machining, Curve, Create Cross Section.

(14) In SUM3D Dental are added/modified this functionality:
a) Now you can't rotate the STL model during the import. This functionality it's available in the main windows setting.
b) In system default in the Tab called configuration it's possible manage type and icon dimension
c) In system default in the Tab called links it's added the possibility to manage the vertical links
d) In system default in the Tab called raws it's add the possibility (yes/not) to "Rough cut according to the axis of insertion"
e) In system default in the Tab called report are added all parameter to manage the path, the folder and the graphics attribute for the report.
f) in "fine positioning" command are added three button to manage the rotation on XY, XZ, YZ plane.

(13) From machining list in now possible to set a common tool for more machinings. By selecting machinings from list and clicking mouse's right button you can select "Tool Parameters" item to choose common tool.**

(12) Adjusted "Feedrate reduction on toolpath edges" parameter into Zig-Zag machining, that in some case didn't properly works.

(11) Added "Feedrate reduction on toolpath edges" parameter into "Curves milling" machining. That allows to reduce set feedrate (located in tool parameters box) in proximity of Z step movements or toolpath direction changes and allows to avoid any problem with small tools.

(10) Optimization of some computing routine parts regarding "Pocketing, "Z-level contouring" and "Flat surface" machinings.

(9) Update the importing tools (optional) libreries for Catia V4, Catia V5, Pro/E, NX (Unigraphics), Inventor, Solid Works and Step.
It's necessary to avoid incompatibility problems with last versions of just mentioned sw cad.

(8) Added some changes in SUM 3D Dental:
a) In configuration window (default settings) you can choose 5 different configurations (low to maximum). For each level there will be available only the indispensable icons.
b) When you import the abutments, SUM3D Dental add automatically to the model some part in order to machining the internal edge of the exagon.
This metodology allow to haven't interferences beetween the exagonal parts. If you need to machining this area you must create a strategy with curve rest milling.
c) During the STL importation it's now possible to create connections and preplines in automatic mode.
d) Possibility to create reports that point out the inserted crown names into stock to be machined.

(7) Fixed a "machining name" rename problem occurred in machining list.

(6) Added some changes in SUM 3D Dental:
a) Possibility to set some default parameters in order to allow user a better dental features usage.
b) Possibility to create rectangular links.
c) Added warning messages coming up when user runs a no-sequence command.
d) 3 "Capsule module" versions are now activated:
> 3 axes with 0/180 degree table orientation
> 4 axes with automatic table orientation
> 5 axes with automatic table orientation, stock thickness optimization and automatic 5 axes machinings.

(5) Some "automatic zoom" tools to manage the object into the workspace are now optimized.
Before that, making some modify/add operations on surfaces or curves the object wasn't automatically centered on the screen.

(4) Update the "SolidWorks 2008 --> SUM3D" (option) exporter tool.

(3) Update the Parasolid importing tool.

(2) Update the "Rhinoceros .3DM version 4.0 SR4b" importing tool.

(1) Update the importing tools for Catia V4, Catia V5, Unigraphics, PRO/E, Inventor, SolidWorks and Step native files.

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