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(21) A new parameter has been added in the drilling parameter table. It lets to set the depth of the holes area already machined. In this way it is possible to execute, with a short tool, both short and long holes, setting the maximum depth to machine and subsequently completing the longer ones with the right tool, avoiding to machine the area already worked with previous tool.

(20) New parameters have been added to the “XY contouring” machining. They allow to make several passes at the same depth. It can be useful during the roughing and finishing machining for the undercut machining using “T” tools.

(19) In the curve machining, now you can manage the curve selection by layer. Moreover, if you use the same layer where the curves to be machined are placed, it will be possible to repeat a working scheme on different objects. In this way, SUM calculates the machining without selecting the curves for any object to machine.

(18) Released the new version of the module for working with 4 or 5 axis AMM (0812).

(17) Recently “Windows 8” has been released. SUM3D Dental 2013 is compatible with this new operating system. If a new computer has been bought with this new version, you have to subscribe the maintenance and update to this new version.

(16) A new command for the stock creation has been added to the surface menu.
This command, allows to create the stock to be used for the object machining. The stock can be created simply and quickly, setting its type and offset (additional material) in XY and in Z related to the imported object.
The generated stock will be automatically placed on a specific layer called <Blank> and activated has stock for the machining to be calculate.

(15) A new method in the curves and surfaces selection has been added. This new method, during selection, allows to choose the interested curves and surfaces by layer.

(14) In the tool archive, in the parameter related to the tool materials, now it is possible to show only the “active” materials, selecting the “Show active materials” flag.
In this way, in case the materials added are more than those effectively compiled for each tool, the tool parameter reference is simplified.

(13) Released the new version of the module for working with 4 or 5 axis AMM (0412). This new version contains many improvements in the management of 4 and 5 axis machining.
Faster kinematic simulator that also contains new features.

(12) The behaviour of the parameter “vertical wall separation” in the “XY contouring” machining has been changed. Now the various part of the object are better separated.

(11) A new machining simulator to check the material removal has been added. This module is derived from the kinematics simulator of SUM3D AMM.
The new system, with better performances, offers several new toolpath analysis. Here you can see several functionalities:
a) collision check between components and tools movements.
b) show the segment distribution and their vectors.
c) change the tool zero reference between center and tip.
d) create a partial or total machining movie.
e) all the graphical operations are usable during simulation.
f) display of blocks, operations, tools, movements analysis and statistics.
g) standard toolpath simulation, material removal, removal analysis, measuring and axis control.
h) machining time computing.

(10) The possibility to import/export the tools archive in a CSV format has been added.
These file types can be opened with MS Excel (for example) or can be used to exchange data between other CAD/CAM system or other software to manage the tools archive.

(9) The name of the last “strategy” file imported is shown in the bottom of the SUM3D interface (bottom bar).

(8) A new parameter in XY contouring has been added. It allows to discriminate between vertical and non vertical parts. Now it is possible to point out to execute the machining only on vertical parts of objects or only on those non vertical.
This parameter has been added in order to allow a greater generalization of the machining strategies. For example, for the vertical parts it is possible to apply an increment between passes greater than used for the non vertical parts.

(7) The new SUM3D installer includes new components needed to obtain the report in PDF or HTML (MHT) format, using MS Office or OpenOffice. These component must be installed in order to have these feature enable. To do that, the installer must be executed to register these new components.

(6) In the managing of components control, It is possible to set the maximum inclination angle using the command “Inclination of tool axis where needed”. When you close the “General parameter configuration” window, if this option has been selected, you will asked for the maximum allowed inclination angle, related to the axis programmed for the machining.

(5) In the preset view icon group, the new icon “XY below” has been added.

(4) Released the new version of the module for working with 4 or 5 axis AMM (1211).

(3) The configuration of conical tools has been modified. Now it is possible to set the height of the conical part.

(2) Update the "Rhinoceros .3DM version 4.0 SR9" importing tool.

(1) Update the importing tools for Catia V4, Catia V5, Unigraphics, PRO/E, Inventor, SolidWorks and Step native files (V22).

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