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(13) In order to maintain the compatibility with Windows 8.1 update, a new dongle protection driver has been developed.
The new driver can be downloaded from our websites or from the download area -> Updates -> SUM3D folder "Related files", download file Driver-Dongle.exe

(12) In the configuration parameter of the machine archive, a new field to determine the “Operation change instruction file” has been added. This field allows the selection of a file (to be created), containing program blocks that determine the behavior between two machining executed with the same tool. During the postprocessing, the application will check for the existence of the selected file in this field and it will add the related blocks with the existing programming functions into the program. If the application will not find this file, will use the standard data (those suggested by NC manufacturer).

(11) A new function in the U/V lines machining has been added. With this new function you can set a point to start the machining. Through a new windows, it is possible to set the machining XYZ starting point coordinates, typing them or getting point with mouse.

(10) The new version of SUM3D AMM (0813) has been released. In this version, new machinings and simulation functionalities have been added and speed up. These are the main news:
> New option in the “swarf realigning curves” (computing regeneration)
> Added the possibility to extend passes in swarf strategy
> Collision check of disc tools with automatic tilt of tool angle
> Possibility include a texture in the simulation
> Speed up the kinematic and material removal simulation (from 3 to 10 times) using an Nvidia Geforce GTX graphic board

(9) A new version (0413) of SUM3D AMM has been released. We have added new functionality and speeded up the computing time in the machining, kinematic and material removal simulation. These are the main changes:
> in the “Calculation based on:” strategy -> ”Surfaces” you can find new parameters used to improve the “passes along curve” machining”.
> in the “Calculation based on:” strategy -> "Wireframe" you can find new machining and parameters for the 5-axis profiling, 2-axis Rough and 2-axis profile, Engraving and Face.
> in the “Calculation based on:” strategy -> "Swarf machining" new parameters and new dialog to manage the collision check, multi-passes and edges have been added
> in the "collision check" a new dialog has been added to manage the behavior of the remaining collisions.
> in the “connections” a new dialog has been added to better manage the approach/retract and the safety areas.
> in the "approach/retract " managing, new type of approach and retract have been added.
> in the "Utility" the managing of “feed rate control” and “markers” have been improved.
> The performances of the kinematic simulator and material removal have been significantly improved both in speed and quality.

(8) The following CAD format importers have been updated: Catia V4, Catia V5, Unigraphics, PRO/E, Inventor, SolidWorks e Step. In this update (V23sr2) we added the surface color managing for the Step files.

(7) In the drilling machining function, in “Spiral milling of holes”, now it is possible to spiral machining the conical part of holes.

(6) In SUM3D it is now possible to make the external cylinder threading that you can find in the “drilling” machining.

(5) The behavior of the “3D curves pocketing” machining has been modified when you are working on selected surfaces instead of curves. Now, the toolpath close to the “equator” line, is smoother.

(4) The following importers for native CAD files have been updated: Catia V4, Catia V5, Unigraphics, PRO/E, Inventor, SolidWorks and Step.
This new version (V23sr1) allows to import the Unigraphics NX and Solidworks file formats through the new software libraries.
This library can be used only with the update to version 2013 (maintenance contract or new license).

(3) SUM3D offer you the possibility to translate some surfaces through a translation point obtained by the intersection of three planes.
To obtain the intersection between the three planes you have to execute the rototranslation command and click on points next to the translation parameters, then select “Intersection point between three planes”.

(2) In the tools archive now you have the possibility to import tools components from DXF file.

(1) The following importers for native CAD files have been updated: Catia V4, Catia V5, Unigraphics, PRO/E, Inventor, SolidWorks and Step.

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