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Your key to open closed system

One of its kind, costantly updated,
Dental Shaper is a revolutionary
open and universal
to give technical labs
all the necessary freedom.

Dental Shaper
is a Rhinoceros™ plug-in able to import many CAD dental formats and to perform on the imported models actions including interface's insert on an implant, with axis and orientation definition, extraction of the dental stump and relative jaw's cavity starting from the Intra-oral mesh scan, dental crowns' creation and more. Besides, thanks to the full integration with the SUM3D Dental CAM, it is possible to send the performed jobs to the module that generates the tool-paths.


Semi-automatic detection of the implant axes and of the coupling plan (abutment-fixture).

Insert and/or replacement of the implant interfaces.

Generation of removable stump starting from a single scan file (e.g. direct Intra-oral scan, or orthodontic scan, or model's optical mark by Sirona™ systems).

Fast generation of parametric crowns, straight from the model and wax-up scans.

Automatic creation of machining strategy for the production of removable model masters, implant structures, or prosthesis on stumps by CNC machine (optional module).

Direct integration with SUM3D Dental CAD/CAM.


Some features of Dental Shaper

Interface insert in the dental implant

By means of Dental Shaper functionalities, starting from an imported model (in this case a Procera™ file), it is possible to get the result shown in picture C. The resulting implant structure is ready to be milled or created by rapid prototyping (the output file is in STL format).

Picture A : Import of Procera implant

Picture B: Procera implant's partial result

Picture C: Procera implant's final result

Picture D: Import of the rough structure

Picture E: Definition of the screw's axes

Starting from an implant model, bound to the specific orientations of the referring scan abutment, it is possible to obtain the result shown here below. The resulting implant structure is ready to be milled or created by rapid prototyping (the output file is in STL format).

Picture F: Modelled abutment and relative Scan abutment

Picture G: Hexagon re-positioning - Complete abutment


Creation of a removable model

Starting from the single mesh coming from intra-oral scan it is possible to get a removable model and the relative stump by using Dental Shaper's simple features.

Picture A: Intra-oral scan

Picture B: Ditching line's definition

Picture C: Stump's cut

Picture D: Final model of extracted jaw

Picture E: Final model of extracted stumps


Creation of parametric crowns

Starting from the scanned internal mesh (master model) and the external one (wax-up), you will automatically obtain the results shown here below (Picture B final result) and (Picture C crown's detail).

Picture A: Master and Wax-up

Picture B: Final result

Picture C: Crown's detail


Picture D: Single crowns

Picture E: Single crowns on bridge


Some examples of import from CAD systems and scans

Bridge Import from Procera™

Import from Sirona™

Import from Sweden&Martina™

Import from Etkon™

Importazione da Cercon™

Import from Cercon™

Import from 3Shape™

Import from Procera™

Imported formats

Dental Shaper's actual release allows to import files in the CAD in the following formats:


Procera™ Files

*.cdt - *.sdt - *.idt

Sirona™ Files

*.cof - *.xtl - *.ftp

Sweden&Martina™ Files

*.nmdl - *.scn - *.ftp

Etkon™ Files


Etkon2™ Files


Cercon™ Files

*.dcm - *.stl

3shape™ Files

*.box - *.cad

Cyrtina™ Files

*.ccd1 - *.ccd2

Lava (3M)™ Files

*.uldc - *.lbt

Lava7 (3M)™ Files




Laserdenta™ Files


Dentalwings™ Files


Wieland™ Files


Evirsa™ Files


Scansystem™ Files


OpenTechnology™ Files

System requirements:
- Intel or AMD Processor
- RAM Memory: 4 Gb
- Graphic board - Nvidia chipset

Operating System:
- Windows XP Pro™ SP3 32/64 bit
- Windows 7™ 32/64 bit
- Windows 8™ 64 bit

Requested CAD:
- Rhinoceros 4.0 or 5.0 (32 bit)

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