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SerCom 2.9 is a data transmission package to handle DNC and RS232 communication between PC and machine tool (for Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Windows NT).

SerCom has optional moduls to manage specific communications protocol for SELCA CNC (protocol INDATAL), HEIDENAIN (FE2) and FAGOR (DNC30).

SerCom connects many CNC to a single computer and this enables to send and receive very long part-programs at the same time.

SerCom can be used in remote mode. It means that the transmissions can be launched directly from the CNC keyboard. In this way, the machine tool operators are autonomous.

SerCom can also send only a part of a part-program starting from a certain block number (N125 ...), from a specific character string (X130.54) or from a file percentage, sending as first all technological blocks ( tool call, feed rate, spindle speed, etc) and then jumping to the desired program line.

SerCom can communicate a sequence of programmes to a CNC, creating a simple list of files to be transferred.

New CNC device configuration is very simple and lets the user do everything on his own, with no added costs.

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