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The easiest application for managing your 3D printing

Pyramis is the most open system for the management of 3D printing, It can be used with themost popular existing technologies (DLP, SLA, SLS, SLM), enclosed in an appealing user interface and optimized as needed.



Object Analisys and Nesting

The user's approach to Pyramis is simple and intuitive. While importing object, a file analysis of the offset can assess the quality or the presence of any imperfections to be removed. In a few clicks, the simple interface allows the user to take advantage of multiple modes for objects positioning:

  • manual, through a convenient movement and rotation tool;
  • assisted, through a proper interface to manage the details of movement, rotation and scale;
  • automatic, using pre-configured parameters, it allows one-click for three-dimensional positioning of the objects in the printing area.



Pyramis performs complex calculations on the surfaces of objects to obtain the need of support points (support), allowing the use of various profiles depending on the technology used:

  • automatic, fully customizable (density and area), by configuring the coverage of the areas in slope (with higher or lower density) and the size of the supports;
  • manual, very practical, with a single click, Pyramis allows the user to place supports that are pre-configured in dimensions and shape;
  • customized, for applications in specialized fields, where there may be the need to manage supports with specific shapes and placement.

The pin modeling is open and customizable so you can personalize the size and positioning of support.



Fully customizable

Each element in Pyramis is configurable and customizable to suit any need:

  • the inexperienced user, who will be assisted and guided throughout the workflow of the printing job;
  • the experienced professional, who will receive minimal support through the UI to quickly complete his job. This stems from the customization of any and all steps of the process complimented by speed and practicality of use;
  • the printer manufacturer (OEM version), where the customization of software versions and functionality allow for an unprecedented attention to detail that would not be possible with  generic application solutions found on the market.

Communication Management

Pyramis can directly manage and communicate with the printing machine. It can also show a preview of the printing job in progress.


The output generation for printing is fully customized to your machine.

The data transmission is parameterized and configurable.
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