MillBox Dental CAM Versions

The easiest Dental CAM system

Only one software for anything you need

With MillBox you only buy what you need. Fully customizable, really flexible and extremely easy-to-use, the software can be adapted to any type of workflow and productivity level as well as any open machine and any material.
We set up 4 versions of the software, to be sure you work with the best configuration for your daily routine.

Find the perfect version that meets your need by playing with our interactive configurator.

How many restorations do you approximately execute in one day?
Get your Millbox version!
Now that you have made your choice, we are ready to provide you with the information you want. Register to download the document on the MillBox version that suits you best.
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If you bought MillBox before 2021, you can benefit from STANDARD and EXPERT version features by adding Comfort and Advanced Modules separatley. To know what’s included in each module CLICK HERE