SUM3D Dental

Powerful and performing Dental CAM

Supported machines

SUM3D Dental can manage any kind of machine tool. Post-processor for new machines are continuously implemented and at full disposal of our customers.

All post-processors already present in SUM3D Dental are included in the software pack, therefore they are not additional costs.

The Post-Processor are the translators of the tool-path calculated in the CAM program specific for each kind of numeric control machine. The syntax, the use of specific functions and the reliability of the post-processor are very important. This is the reason why, besides the post-processors already present in SUM3D Dental, we care about implementing new post-processor to let you program your machines always in the best way.

When is present the kinematic module (optional) it is possible to input the machine’s 3D drawing, togheter with holding fixtures. In this way it is possible to simulate machine’s process and to control any eventual collision between all involved components.

Some machines managed from SUM3D Dental

Mikron®, DMG®, Hermle®, Roeders®, Isper®, VHF®, MB-Maschinen®, Imes-Icore®, Roland®, Wieland®, Hint-els®, Yena®, Venture®, Macon®, Hurco®, Zeno®, Tecno-CN®, Righi®, etc…