SUM3D Dental

Powerful and performing Dental CAM

A version for every needs

The machinings in the dental sector can be of different nature and are made with machines featuring different characteristics.

For this reason, many versions of the software were engineered to allow to fully manage the strategies to be used on the basis of the jobs and the machines involved.

Common specifications for different versions

  • Sequential specific toolbar.
  • Stl, iges, 3dm multiple parts importation from any open system.
  • Automatic connectors and PrepLine creation when importing.
  • Dynamic stock management.
  • Material scale factor management.
  • Easily editable predefined stocks library and dynamic stock management.
  • Re-use of partially used stocks with related scale factor.
  • Management of multiple stocks disks on the same program.
  • Nesting and part arrangement to optimize stock usage.
  • Manual connectors and sintering pins’ creation and fine positioning.
  • Detection of the connectors to be partiallly or totally cut.
  • Tool’s break management.
  • Easy editable predefined tools library.
  • Easy editable predefined machining strategy library.
  • Machinery strategy library optimized for different material.
  • Predefined machines library customizable from 3 to 5 axes.
  • Visual and automatic collisions control on tool, spindle, stock and components.
  • Report creation to avoid production and shipment mistakes.
  • Machining time calculation for the costs’ analysis and machine’s use.


SUM3D Dental 3 Axes (+1) Base

Solution dedicated to 3 axes machines with a splitter for 0 – 180 degrees machinings.

With this version it is possible to rotate the splitter automatically or manually, to mill the internal and external part. For the re-machining of thin undercuts it is possible to use the 3/4 spherical tools.

SUM3D Dental 4 Axes Pro

Solution dedicated to 3 or 4 axes machines with a splitter.

This version manages 4 axes machinings with automatic optimization of the stock thickness to reduce material costs.

SUM3D Dental 5 Axes Full

Solution for 5 axes machines.

This release manages 3, 4 or 5 axes machinings with thickness optimization of the stock and relative savings of material. It fully manages automatic machinings of undercuts, abutments, interlock, implant bridges and internal edges of the hexagons for the abutments. Automatic re-machining of all undercuts. Automatic holes’ detection and consequent 5 axes drilling.

Optional Modules

Importer Pack is an option that allows to import files in SUM3D Dental elements in different formats:  Cercon®, Sirona®, Procera®, Sweden&Martina®, Cyrtina®, DentalWings®, 3shape® and Etkon®.

The module SDS SUM3D Dental Statistics allows the full management of all information related to the production. This option generates statistics of the jobs, executed, in progress or re-worked pieces. Through the filters it is possible to display the data sorted by the customer, the date, etc.

The Kinematic Simulator MultiAxis is optional for the 3 versions. This module permits the Kinematic simulation with collisions’ control to check the whole machine together with fixtures, stock, etc.