DXF to ISO Converter

2D file conversion from DXF format to ISO format

DXF-ISO software converts DXF drawings in ISO format for CNC. This converter can be used in applications like Laser cut, Waterjet, linear Robot or gluing machines management.

All 2 axes machine movements can be programmed simply converting any kind of profiles, created with any kind of CAD, in DXF format.

Software interface is very simple, no training needed, immediately operative.

The parameters of the software are: Select the file DXF to be read, Insert the name of the file to create, Divide arches to consent their segmentation, Precision for arches division (tolerance), Type of I and J absolute/incremental, File of headline, of end and profile change to customize the programme and output format (see user guide).

The output format is ISO which is compatible with most common CNC.

Further CNC could be added to the software upon request and evaluated on the basis of their technical specifications.