Module for electrodes making

 Plug-in of Rhinoceros developed to create electrodes

ElectrodeX is a plug-in of Rhinoceros developed to create electrodes. Thanks to ElextrodeX it is possible to quickly pull out electrodes from surfaces, expand them, define the head, the reference mark and much more. ElextrodeX was developed based on the experience of the mold makers. Furthermore, ElectrodeX has a very competitive price and it’s really very easy to use.

The ElectrodeX Toolbar is downloaded inside Rhinoceros; it is possible to move it on the screen and place it anywhere in the desktop. The various applications are organised inside the Toolbar in a way that allows a quick and simple use of them.

This funcion allows quick drawing of the area to be eroded, it also possible to automatically erase the elements that are not part of the electrode.

With ElectrodeX it is possible to use the following applications:

  • Extend the faces in tangency, following a fixed direction, or vertically directly towards the head
  • Maintain the zero of the model correlated with the one of the electrode
  • The same electrode can be used several times
  • Use of standard ( 3R, etc.) or custom supports
  • Visual check of application areas
  • Automatic collisions’ control