Industrial 3D printing software

Slicing software for complete 3D printing management

Pyramis provides a range of features that make it easier for the user to create the desired product:

The file is analyzed during the import process to detects any intersections, holes or anomalies and to make a preliminary evaluation of project quality. Moreover, thanks to a powerful mesh fixer, is possible to detect any mesh issue and fix with a single click, making the mesh quickly ready for the printing process.

A powerful 2D nesting algorithm allows to fill the plate with objects in a short time, giving also information about the distance between the objects themselves and the edge and keeping it constant. This function also allows you to select the area of the plate on which to start the automatic placement process.

Pyramis allows a quickly, automatic and customized selection of profiles and support insertion modes. You can choose the type of support to be used and the size according to the area of application, as well as instantly change its position and delete individual or a group of supports on an object.

Among the various technologies, Pyramis also makes use of the Antiliasing (DLP) technique, used to get greater precision of the printed surfaces through changes in the intensity of the projected light.

Pyramis includes integrations made in partnership with leading industrial, medical CAD software manufacturers and OEM’s. These integrations allow for a simplified and seamless workflow, from the design phase of the restoration to the production of the artefact or semi-finished product through 3D printing. Each element in Pyramis is configurable and customizable to suit any needs.