CAM software solution integrated into Rhinoceros

3D CAM software for CNC machines and anthropomorphic robot

The current version can handle machining on geometric primitives, surfaces or solids. The software includes libraries that allow the storage, then the reuse, of important data (experience) of a company such as: Tool Archives, Materials Archives, Machine Archives, Drilling Rules Archive and Machining Archive. The graphical interface for machining management (wizard), displays for each parameter field a dynamic image that describes it. In this way the operator, even if not expert, is guided to the fast insertion of data without ambiguity.

The 2,5 axes module is used for curves, 2D and 3D profiles open and closed machining. The strategies included are: flattening, engraving, contouring and pocketing. The machinings can be optimized as: sequence type, approach and detach, with or without tool radious correction from PC or CNC. The machining can be limited by box or profiles. RhinoNC includes an archive for geometric and technological rules of any kind of simple or complex drill.

With these rules, RhinoNC automatically generates all the drill cycles, also in 3D environment. Tools to be used are automatically picked up from the tool archive or included if missing. The hole types managed are: drilling, boring, threading, flaring, reaming, etc. or composed like, deep hole with boring and chafer or drilling, boring, chamfer and threading.

3 axes module is used for 3D model machining. It includes all strategies, as roughing, rest material, finishing.

The are many working technologies that let the users to machine every kind of object. A special care has been dedicated to the morfological pocketing optimization and many solutions for high speed machining have been added.

The multi-axis module provides a series of cutting-edge strategies for indexed or continuous 4 or 5 axes milling. The calculation of the trajectories has been taken care of in order to have fluid and quality paths for any machine tool. Also in this module we find strategies for roughing, reworking and finishing with 4 or 5 axes and strategies designed for particular processes such as: turbines, turbine blades, valves, electrodes, and plastic details. Furthermore this module simplifies the programming of robots of any kind.

RhinoNC allows to simulate the machinings before proceeding with the production in the machine. The simulation can be done in wireframe or with material removal control. Furthermore it is included the kinematic simulation with total collision control and visualization of the entire machine tool.