3D CAM for CNC machines and robot

CAM Experience – Additional Modules

The AMM Module (Advanced MultiAxis Machining) expands the types of machining already present in SUM3D and allows the complete management of 4 or 5-axes continuous machining.

The different strategies allow the management of roughing, semi-finishing, pick-up and finishing with complete control of collisions between tool/extension/spindle and the piece, the equipment and the starting stock.

In this module there is also a kinematic simulation of machining operations with collision and end or stroke control.

The Kinematic Simulation adds to the simulations present in SUM3D the possibility of verifying the tool paths by visualizing the machine and verifying collisions and end stroke of the axes.

This module allows to import digitizations, created with mechanical or laser probe, which can be immediately milled or modified to be milled later, in the best way.

This module, through an additional commands’ toolbar, verifies measurements made by sensors positioned on the CNC machines or by machines for the dimensional control. It is possible to import ascii files describing the measured XYZ coordinates, and then to display the real deviations on the mathematics of the model. The deviations can be printed in a customable report.

Native file importers: if you need to import files in the native formats of some of the most popular CAD systems, you can activate these importers:

  • Catia V4
  • Catia V5
  • NX (Unigraphics)
  • Pro/E
  • Inventor
  • SAT
  • SolidWorks