3D CAM for CNC machines and robot

CAM Experience – Features

SUM3D is a 3D CAM package set up for the production needs of mould manufacturers. The vast range of functions and ease of use has been the deciding factor in its distribution to hundreds of companies.

SUM3D was created from the experience of mould manufacturers and its continuous development is made upon users’ needs and requests. Thanks to a very simple and user friendly interface, it is possible to create moulds even after only a few hours of training. The only know-how required before using SUM3D is the same needed to use machine tools: the user is “guided” in the choice of different machining options, from tool definition to toolpath creation.

SUM3D offers more than just satisfying the user needs, in terms of shop floor management, it is easy and quick to learn by all personnel working with CNC and CAD/CAM systems.

SUM3D users vary considerably both with regard to the type of company and sector of application. For the best results in a brief space of time, craftsmen, model manufacturers or very small companies find SUM3D to be an irreplaceable ally.

For many customers SUM3D is their first choice when the time comes to equip their machine tools with numerical control and a CAM solution for toolpath generating. Small and medium companies use this solution to obtain good results in a short space of time; others decide to opt for SUM3D as the main tool for all milling management. Important companies often use SUM3D on all machine tools present on the shop floor.

SUM3D is used for the manufacture of models, prototypes, injection moulds, die-casting moulds and metal sheet buckling moulds.SUM3D applications used by various clients in many different fields include: mechanics, the automotive industry, telecommunications, electrical appliances, wood, footwear, goldsmiths, marble working, petrochemicals, the production of technical articles and medical, among others.

One of the main characteristics of the SUM3D is its simplicity of use: the user can learn enough in just one day training.

The user interface has been designed specifically to facilitate use by people who don’t necessarily have specific competence in the use of computer tools.

The control input structure, based on the machining tree, permits a quick and intuitive definition of all machining parameters. To guarantee the toolpath reliability, computing strategies used withSUM3D always take into consideration collision checks both on the tools and on the associated components. In addition, there are functions for toolpath analysis.

The control for minimum tool length calculation permits the user to work with minimum useful tool overhang in order to avoid vibrations that could produce unpleasant results on the machined surfaces and decrease removal speed.

Thanks to SUM3D, work can be carried out on more models at the same time in a multi session, thereby optimizing computing and working times.

SUM3D can be used in the technical department together with CAD systems, as well as on the shop floor used by the machine tool operator, allowing multiple installation at low cost.

SUM3D is supplied with all post-processors for the most common used CNC on the market, and with the most common used standard drawing interfaces.

SUM3D allows high performance with limited investment both in purchasing, learning and maintenance.

Thanks to the simplicity of learning and using of SUM3D, most customers choose to install it on a PC next to the tool machine or, if possible, straight on the CNC.

In this way, CNC operators can manage the toolpaths autonomously: they get “clean and ready to be milled” maths without depending on the technical department for the paths’ generation, leading to efficiency of project and production processes. Furthermore, it is possible to install many different CAM licences on the CNCs with limited investment thanks to our commercial policy.

The software development team is based in Italy. It is very easy to contact our people who create the software. This allows you to explain any need finding a direct and efficient assistance. All the software upgrades represent the typical Italian style in mould-making. The user can easily download all the available upgrades straight from our website. Our suggestion is to check the website now and then, to verify if there is news about the programme; if these upgrades are of any interest, they can quickly be downloaded.