Fields of Application

Lightweight materials

Cutting Machining: carbon, fabric and plastic materials

RhinoNC creates ad hoc strategies for 2- to 5-axis profile cutting in which you can manage specific tool orientations, custom feeds on each section of the toolpath. This machining is excellent for cutting from carbon to fabrics, plastics and resins. Used in the converting, packaging and fashion industries.

Design and furniture

Wooden machining

RhinoNC creates clearing, cutting and finishing strategies with special tools and paths designed for all types of wood. This machining is great for furniture makers and woodworkers for both flat products such as doors and shelves, and more complex objects such as supports, models, or scenic parts for tradeshow booths.

Robot milling

Marble and stone machining using robots

RhinoNC perfectly fits with the usage of anthropomorphic robots; Emptying and finishing machining operations are used very often to process marble and stone on artistic objects or in building construction while grinding or cutting strategies executed by disc tools to trim large parts, are used in foundries or for massivee production of metal parts.

Thermoforming and small molds

Machining on model resins

RhinoNC creates strategies for roughing and advanced finishing on artistic parts, prototypes or molds. Those functions are often applied to shipbuilding or automotive industry as well as to refining plastic materials in substrates for artistic production or foundry molds


Biomedical and orthopedics

Multiple materials machining

RhinoNC is also applied in the orthopedics goods production. Thanks to the ability of producing up to 5-axis continuous milling and turning or automated positioning strategies for round objects machining. The software is integrated with Rhinoceros which offers a greatest user experience for a smoother transition from the design to the execution. However RhinoNC also may play as a stand-alone software.

Fashion and accessories

Leather, precious materials or similar

Fashion industry is an innovative and super fitting field of application for RhinoNC. Thanks to specific modules and strategies creating for milling complex and sensitive objects, the software generates superb quality products in accessories, parts for shoes or clothes but even watchmaking and any item that requires small and precise mechanical components.

Welding and bonding

Welding and bonding machining

RhinoNC creates specific contouring, deposition or bonding strategies, including 5-axis for metal objects in welding, engraving and laser cutting, but also for extremely precise and optimized paths for boards and electronic components in the electrical and plant engineering industries.

3D printing

3D printing is going to grow and improve as manufacturing technique in any industry.

Application may go from car body execution to prosthesis or meals.  Pyramis is the CIMsystem software dedicated to 3D priting which can be applied ot multiple field of applications thanks to the cabability of intgrating with any CAD, machine and management solution. Moreover it can be used with the most common technologies (SLS, SLA, SLM, DLP) and materials.

General mechanics

A broad portfolio of applications for high production and mold making, including on-machine.

Ability to handle operations on 3D model and geometry management as well as semi-finished products, in shipbuilding, aerospace, petrochemical and energy, automation and robotics, and more. CIMsystem offers a valuable range of software for such applications.


Rhinoceros official reseller

Rhinoceros is the CAD software that allows you to create, edit, analyze, document, render, animate and translate NURBS curves, surfaces, solids , SubD subdivision geometry, point clouds and polygonal meshes. There are no limits on complexity, degree or size, and it also offers unlimited free-form 3D modeling tools. With Rhino, you can model every kind of shape.