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Customized CAD/CAM software

Over the years we have supported small, medium and large companies in the mechanical and dental industry, providing innovative solutions developed in line with the technological market evolution. Nowadays we keep investing on innovation and digitalization to support our customers with more and more efficient and customized products.

Whether you are a end-user, a manufacturer, a machine tools dealer or be part of any manufacturing or molding company, our solutions are able to meet your expectations as they are built hands-in-hands with you and for you.

Our Customers:



With our open and flexible solutions, you will be able to manage every type of project and processing while providing your customers and employees with the most valuable products and innovative tools. You can count on solutions that offer you:

  • Ease of use: reduced software usage learning time
  • Cost savings: high level of customization available for affordable, tailored solutions
  • Reliability: safe results regardless of the type of machining, material or machine tool used
  • Support: qualified assistance to guarantee less workflow breakdown


Our philosophy is to offer products that are versatile, open and affordable. Many operators simply want to change software, while many others are looking for a turnkey solution. Either way, our software is a guarantee for you. Discover our advantages in terms of:

  • Compatibility: our products work regardless of the type of machining, material or machine tool
  • Customization: ad-hoc developments can be implemented by our experts to ensure the best performance tailored to your needs.
  • Innovation: our products are continuously updated to guarantee you the most advanced results.

Sum3D has always been in my heart. I started using it because it was one of the first software to be integrated into one of the first processors. I was able, through profiles created with another CAM, to create 3D surfaces on top of them, so I could get customized prostheses. Thanks to the long and successful collaboration with Stefano and thanks to Sum3D, we have created prostheses that are much more accurate and much more real for the patients”.

Renzo Perini – Chief Operating Officer
Adler Ortho S.p.A. – Cormano (MI)

We have chosen Sum3D and CIMsystem for the adaptability of the system, the high possibility of customization according to specific needs, the availability and professionalism of the technical support shown both in the employees training session and during the technical assistance.

Luca Gatti – Manager of the testing and experimental laboratory
Gruppo Cimbali S.p.A. – Binasco (MI)

We needed a solution with an excellent quality-price balance and thanks to Sum3DCIMsystem has satisfied our need with efficiency and responsiveness.

Alberto Berva – CEO
Artigiana Stampi S.r.l – Canonica d’Adda (BG)