About Us

CAD/CAM software producers for dental and industrial manufacturing


CIMsystem is a leading CAD/CAM software developer in industrial and dental manufacturing as well as in 3D printing applications. The Company was founded in Italy in 1999 as the commercial entity of Lab Numerical Control Software Company (founded in 1994), which had the former focus of developing CAD/CAM solutions for mould makers and mechanical manufacturers.

With multiple offices in the USA, Europe, and Asia, and an ever-expanding distributor network, CIMsystem is currently serving more than 30,000 customers globally, including more that 20,000 users in dental business, providing them with cutting-edge, effective and customizable solutions. Indeed, the hight level of personalization available within the CIMsystem solutions really distinguish the Company from its competitors.

CIMsystem works with the ultimate goal of effectively contributing to the digitalisation of manufacturing in mechanical, mould, marble, gold, woodworking, biomedical and dentistry environments. Besides software development, the Company also provides added-valued services like consultancy, post-sales assistance, training and development.



We have over 30+ years of experience developing software that optimizes business performance and delivers high quality results.


Our international team of experts is there to support customers using our products every step of the way. Consulting, training, and support are also available.


All of our solutions are highly customizable so they can meet the needs of customers both now and in the future.