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Simple, flexible and innovative CAD/CAM software

We develop CAD/CAM software for many fields of application in industrial manufacturing. A wide range of solutions for three-dimensional CAD/CAM systems, Reverse Engineering, data transmissions as well as numerous plug-ins for Rhinoceros™ and products specifically designed for the industrial production sector.

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RhinoNC is the CAM solution fully integrated into Rhinoceros, characterized by extreme versatility and modularity for milling, turning, welding and cutting operations and much more. It can also be used as stand-alone software.


SUM3D is of the first 3D CAM developed to work three-dimensional mathematics in any format. Also used as an onboarded machine CAM, it includes many presets libraries but also allows to create customized ones based on the most executed operations, to support the user by minimizing times and the possibility of error.


Pyramis is the complete solution for 3D printing management. Its multiple automated functions turn it into a cutting-edge tool for the production of any 3D printed object. Some examples: automated nesting, automated piece recognition, orientation and pin positioning.


Rhinoceros is a CAD software typically used to producing mathematically precise representation of curves and freeform surfaces. Using Rhinoceros can create, edit, analyze, document, render, animate and translate curves, surfaces, solids, point clouds and polygonal NURBS * meshes. There are no limits of complexity, degree or size, apart from those of the hardware.

Rhino Plugin

Rhino plugins are designed to provide customers with a valuable integrative experience, allowing them to increase vertical capabilities of the world’s most versatile free-form 3D modeller from a single source. Indeed, they are very specific so that users can buy only what they need, reducing costs and the learning curve.

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