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Customized CAD/CAM software

Over the years we have supported small, medium and large companies in the mechanical and dental industry, providing innovative solutions developed in line with the technological market evolution. Nowadays we keep investing on innovation and digitalization to support our customers with more and more efficient and customized products.

Whether you are a professional or work for milling centers or dental labs, whether you are an end-user, a manufacturer or a machining tools dealer, our solutions are able to meet your expectations as they are built hands-in-hands with you and for you.

Our customers:



With our open and flexible solutions, you will be able to provide your customers with a top-level service in terms of process customization, parts quality and speed of manufacturing. You can count on solutions that offer you:

  • Ease of use: reduce your time learning the software
  • Cost savings: our solutions are affordable, yet offer a high level of customization to tailor to your needs.
  • Reliability:dependable results regardless of the machine type, material, or machine tool used
  • Support: get qualified help to keep your workflow running and prevent breakdowns.

Milling centers

Whether you have a large and diverse production or you are primarily handling simple cases, you can count on our solutions:

  • Productivity: our software offerings vontain multiple automations to help you manage high production rates without compromising part quality
  • Versatility: combine different tools and materials regardless of your machine manufacturer. Customize your strategies to maintain reliability regardless of whether your project is simple or complex.
  • Efficiency: manage multiple machining phases, from project setup to printing/milling, through a single interface saving you time spent in execution.


Our goal is to offer products that are versatile, open, and affordable. Some operators are looking to manage the details of the software, others are looking for a turnkey solution. Regardless, our software offerings are guaranteed to help you due to:

  • Compatibility: our products work reliabily, regardless of the machine type, material, or tool type.
  • Customization: ad-hoc developments can be implemented by our experts to ensure the best performance tailored to your needs.
  • Innovation: our products are continuously updated to give you the most advanced results.

We chose MillBox because it’s a reliable and friendly software, it allows me to do the most diverse types of jobs in different materials with the quality I need for my laboratory. I can count on CIMsystem at any time, whether it’s technical support or the development team’s commitment to understand our real need and implement tools and milling strategies that improve my digital workflow. I’ve been using CIMsystem’s software for almost 10 years and it keeps surprising me regarding the new features”.

Alexandre Matias – Owner & Dental Technician
Blue Digital Lab – Brazil

I feel I have several benefits of working with CIMSystem, but if I had to choose one, it is my relationship with Luigi and the team at CIMsystem. From this highly collaborative approach, and understanding of what we need as a solely full jaw rehabilitation company, we have managed to innovate several unique strategies which have been extremely beneficial to patients. We also managed to innovate the Evo Solution, which is a two part milling strategy which is available in MillBox today.

Manoj Vijay – Technology Director
EvoDental – UK

We have chosen MillBox because it is an extremely efficient solution for the dental industry, capable of interpreting all types of data from the various CAD systems. It’s a very flexible software, which guarantees an extremely easy and intuitive workflow in daily use, but at the same time it’s able to offer infinite possibilities for customizing the software and the final product, thanks to the rapidity of the development team. Our collaboration with CIMsystem is long-lasting and extremely satisfying.

Niccolò Pesce – Digital Consultant
Argen Group – Germany