Fields of Application


Milling remains the most widely used technique for producing high quality dental restorations in a large variety of different materials.

Though this subtractive technique necessitates a certain loss of material, milling guarantees high quality and repeatable results. Very often no additional operation is required at the end of processing. With milling you gain access to the latest develops in Dental manufacturing while securing a high return on investment. MillBox, our premier Dental CAM software, is developed to work with any open milling machine, can use any material type, and can mill any restoration type. MillBox is a robust and complete Dental CAM software that is easy-to-use due to its intuitive interface and helpful automated functions.

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3D printing

The use of 3D printing technology in dental manufacturing is increasingly popular.

Printing ensures a precise & rapid production, reduces material waste, and creates parts based on data received from 3D intraoral scanners. It is possible to afford the 3D printing process by counting on different techniques which allow the operators to manage multiple materials from plastic and resins to metals. CIMsystem is providing a dental 3D printing management solution that can supports any of the above-mentioned techniques. Pyramis is a slicing software, a cutting-edge tool in additive manufacturing, full of automations to reduce manual errors. The software manages all the available technologies: (SLS, SLA, SLM, DLP) and the most used materials (nylon, resins, metals, plastics, etc.).

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Hybrid solution

Combining additive and subtractive technologies is the new paradigm of dental manufacturing.

Doing so allows you to combine the advantages of both processes in one technology. Save time and material with the advantages of 3D printing and keep the quality only milling provides. CIMsystem offers combined solutions between the Make&Mill finishing software and the Pyramis 3D printing software both integrated in a single workflow.

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