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Open system for the management of 3D printing

Pyramis is the most open and complete system for the management of 3D printing. It can be used with the most popular existing technologies (SLS, SLA, SLM, DLP) and printing material (nylon, resins, metal, plastics, etc.). Equipped with a simple and intuitive user interface, Pyramis adapts to your needs and optimizes the processes according to different 3D printing technologies.

According to the choice of the technology based on the 3D printer available, Pyramis sets all the parameters in a totally automatic way, leaving however to the “expert” users the possibility to work on them.

In addition, Pyramis utilizes graphics card processors in parallel (GPUs), reducing computing time.


Find out the reasons why Pyramis is the best application for 3D printing!




Innovation and advanced technologies with Pyramis!

Thanks to an extremely easy to use interface that guides the user to the preparation of printing, it guarantees perfect results for every printing technology.


Pyramis is able to set up the 3D printing for all the technologies available on the market: DLP, SLA, SLS, SLM.

Thanks to an extremely simple interface, Pyramis guides the user to the preparation of the print job, guaranteeing optimal results for each printing technology.


Pyramis is complete with all the features and automatisms necessary for the entire manufacturing process.

For each of them, Pyramis identifies the best combination for the best result!


Find out more about the supported machines, its features and the latest news!

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