Dental 3D printing software

Open system for the management of 3D printing

Pyramis offers different features to facilitate the user in the realization of the desired product:

The user’s approach to Pyramis is simple and intuitive: many operations essential for obtaining a perfect result are performed automatically.
During the importation of the file, the analysis of the object is carried out to evaluate the quality, the possible presence of imperfections, intersections, holes, overlaps or other types of defects.
Most of the problems are solved automatically, others are still highlighted so that you can intervene later manually.
Everything happens in a few seconds. Additional tools included allow the management of the clusters and the correct orientation of the normals. Also integrated a very powerful mesh-fix that with a single click solves all problems, making the mesh consistent and printable.

An adequate positioning is essential to obtain the best result, also optimizing production times and costs. Each object is assigned a default positioning and support profile by the user.
The simple interface allows you to take advantage of multiple ways of positioning objects: automatic, manual and assisted, whose parameters are completely configurable.

Pyramis allows the choice of profiles and customizable ways of inserting supports:

automatic, with coverage of the minimum points, sloping areas and dimensions of the supports;
manual, with a single click allows to insert supports of size and shape configured;
custom, for applications in specialized fields.

Pyramis makes available to the user various tools that simplify the management of particular cases, where the object to be printed needs a determining accuracy, or where specific results are to be obtained. For example: “Structured” supports, also referred to as “tree”, which allow to cover difficult to reach areas, or connections between supports to stiffen the structure, grip base with recess to help detachment and multi-storey structures. For a perfect result there are tools for the management of compensation in Z and 2D offset, boolean operations, mask for the correction of imperfections of the screens. In addition to the very popular stl, Pyramis imports files in many other formats, maintaining their specific tolerances.

The slicing, or sectioning, is one of the most important phases for the realization of a correct and quality product. For this reason Pyramis, optimizes for each single machine/material the parameters for achieving the best result and implements, according to each printing technology, a series of measures in order to eliminate or reduce the negative effects produced by the different printing technologies. The 3D simulation allows an accurate verification of slicing and hatching. Particular attention is dedicated to the creation of the output file, which is developed in agreement with the manufacturers in order to make the most of the specific potential of each individual machine. Pyramis is complete with a communication panel with the machine for integrated real-time management.

Each element in Pyramis is configurable and customizable to suit any needs:

  • the inexperienced user, assisted and guided throughout the workflow of the printing job;
  • the experienced professional, perceiving the quality of the support provided by the software to his work, starting from the personalization of all steps of the process until reaching the speed and ability of use;
  • the printer manufacturer (OEM version), where the customization of software versions and functionality allow an unprecedented attention to detail that would not be possible with generic application solutions on the market.