Dental CAM for milling and 3D printing

Power and simplicity in a single product

MillBox add-on module that allows, within a single software application, the use of two different technologies, additive and subtractive.

Once the object has been created with additive technology, in sintered metal or resins, Make&Mill allows the object itself to be milled.

The hybrid solution, actually, allows to keep the same precision of the milling and to manage the machining from both disc and plate.

With Make&Mill the advantages are many! The additive technology ensures economy and a lower commitment of the operators, while the subtractive technology brings precision and accuracy, refining the surfaces of the product.


Find out the reasons why Make&Mill is the best solution for sintering and rest material

Save time

Optimize your machinings

Customize your work

Make&Mill reduces the execution time!

You save time and increase your business.


Make&Mill optimizes material and tool consumption!

How? Make&Mill, thanks to the use of two technologies, additive and subtractive, allows you to perform fewer steps during the machinings.


Make&Mill customizes your work.

How? Make&Mill allows you to add more material to be refined, exclusively on the chosen point and position, also choosing the quantity.


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