Artificial Intelligence applied to Dental Manufacturing


MillBox’s inherent A.I. saves you time and energy as it automates feature identification and performs many setup operations that you as the user would normally have to manually perform. This allows you to produce the same quality of work, but at a much higher capacity.

With Artificial Intelligence, the dental manufacturing process of your laboratory is extremely simplified. It facilitates your workflow even on more complex jobs and “acts” autonomously in solving problems, performing actions or tasks for you!

Thanks to A.I., our solutions are special and we can make them better and better every day.

A.I. makes dental CAM more intuitive

  • Automatic recognition of different types of implant abutment connections  (Internal vs External)

  • Automatically separates the surfaces that make up the implant connection from its customized part


A.I. enhances dental CAM Safety

It automatically detects the area of the emergency contour with the possibility to select this part by means of a special feature and to carry out finishing operations designed to obtain an optimal result for this extremely important area in an implant work.


A.I. makes dental CAM more careful

Automatic selects the most used blank based on the areas already used and the number of elements to be milled with automatic positioning of the objects

Thanks to AI DRIVEN the dental CAM is more flexible!

 It allows you to use residues from other CAM software as well. Importing a photo allows the recognition of already used areas and the contours are automatically reconstructed, stored as already used areas in the new blank

Utilizing feedbacks and techniques shared by manufacturing experts throughout the industry,  Artificial Intelligence has enhanced and improved our dental CAM solutions.

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