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Our history is your story

Our history begins with the founding of our company back in 1999, when the founders of LAB Numerical Control Software decided to follow their creative vision of innovating the contemporary CAM mechanical software industry by providing customers with something different. They had envisioned something that could perform beyond pure software development.

CIMsystem was founded with the following mission statement: to be the best solution partner, ready to listen and comply to customers’ needs as well as to effectively follow the market development in a constantly changing environment.

Thanks to the deep understanding of the CAD/CAM solutions market and the high technical skills developed over the years, CIMsystem entered a new business sector in 2007, by leveraging its knowledge and competences in the area of dental manufacturing.

A mix of commitment, innovation, and expertise lead CIMsystem to surprising growth and turned the company from a small/medium size, Italy-focused enterprise, to one of the most relevant international players in CAD/CAM.

With multiple offices in the USAEurope, and Asia, we are now able to serve and support customers all over the world thanks to various modern, versatile, and customizable solutions. Our customers have come to rely on our products reliability. Our clients can also count on our team for many value-added services including consultancy, trainings, post-sales assistance and, last but not least, an international commercial organization able to respond to any customer’s need.

We are currently supporting more than 25,000 customers around the world, including over 15,000 in the dental industry and thanks to an ever-expanding global distributors network, we can be even closer to all of you.