Welcome to CIMsystem

CAD/CAM Solutions

Twenty years of experience in the development of advanced CAD/CAM solutions

CIMsystem provides CAD/CAM technology to companies operating in the field of molds and general mechanics. The proposed tools are characterized by considerable technological potential, offer advantages in terms of ease of use and allow companies to be operational in a short time.

CIMsystem’s solutions offer the customer the most appropriate tools, but also advice during the purchase, customized training and assistance for the best use of the installed applications.

The company’s strength lies in putting the customer at the center, with constant attention to the changes that go through the processes of product development and market approach.
CIMsystem constantly invests in the development of innovative products and the implementation of existing ones, working closely with customers to customize the specific requests. In fact, all solutions are not only born in the technical office: to transform ideas into reality it is also necessary to consider the needs of the market, production, sales and assistance.

Technical support is a fundamental aspect for CIMsystem: the customer must always find an answer to their needs. A qualified team is available for every need and production need.

The continuous dialogue is guaranteed by telephone assistance, by support through e-mail and the Internet, and by the periodic sending of technical documentation. CIMsystem operates both directly and through a network of technical/commercial partners in Italy and abroad.

The company portfolio includes a wide range of solutions for the manufacturing industry: three-dimensional CAD and CAM systems, Reverse Engineering solutions, software for data transmission, numerous plug-ins for Rhinoceros ™ and products specifically designed for the dental sector.

CIMsystem is the exclusive Italian dealer of CAMWorks, CAM software for milling, turning and EDM, of the company HCL Technologies and GIBcam-DRILL, a German CAM package specialized in automatic programming for deep multi-axis drilling.
SUM3D is the flagship product: a flexible and powerful CAM that ensures the effective and fast programming of CNC machine tools and robots. The fields of application are numerous: mold industry, model makers, shipyards, mechanical, petrochemical and medical industries, with modules specifically designed for the processing of wood, marble and precious metals.