CIMsystem against the use of pirated software: Interview with Marco Cervini, Asia & Pacific Operations Director

CIMsystem against the use of pirated software: Interview with Marco Cervini, Asia & Pacific Operations Director

Can you introduce us to the CIMsystem company?
CIMsystem is a leading CAD/CAM software developer in industrial and dental manufacturing as well as in 3D printing applications. The Company was founded in Italy in 1999 so it has a long story of software developing according to market changes. CIMsystem has multiple offices in the USA, Europe, and Asia, and an ever-expanding distributor network, it is currently serving more than 25,000 customers all over the world.

What are the strengths of CIMsystem company and products?
CIMsystem is a multi-service provider that supports customers with product sales, technical assistance, consultancy, and system integration services. Indeed, CIMsystem do not only offers integrated proprietary solutions but is also able adapt software to any of the existing assets in customers’ facilities to guarantee a safety and smooth workflow. Besides product versatility, the post-sales assistance is also very appreciated by our customers, indeed, thanks to an international team of internal experts and well-trained distributors, we are able to support customers regardless of language barriers and time zones.

Which is your flagship product?
Our flagship product is MillBox, the most versatile and easy to use CAM for dental manufacturing existing on the market. It is compatible with any material, any restoration, and any milling machine. Indeed, we can offer a standard set-up as well as customized software version that is driven by machine requirement. This is what really makes the difference especially in the Asian market where new machine producers rise almost every day. The ability of adapting the software to any of the new machines allows us to be almost unbeatable.

 Piracy is a common phenomenon in software business. Are you also affected by this? Which are the risks of using pirated software?
As every Company who is dealing with software business we are of course affected by this phenomenon, and we are putting lot of efforts is fighting against piracy. The reason why we do that is not only because of business loss but also because the use of not official licenses might cause wrong software usage damaging tools and machines as well as affecting product results and brand reliability.

You will be present at IDEM Singapore exhibiting at the Italian pavilion. Will you introduce something brand-new?
At IDEM we will be proud of showing more about our sintering and milling software application Make&Mill. It is an application that is already existing since years it is really appreciated by our customers because of its reliable and hight-quality results in refining whether printed or milled restorations. Make&Mill is a MillBox add-on module designed to help our customers doing everything with single provider and application. Indeed, it is also integrated with our proprietary software for 3D printing, Pyramis. So the focus of our presence at IDEM this year will be on showing the power of hybrid solutions.

Do you have any questions? Are you interested in our products?

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