4 January 2024

MillBox for Amann Girrbach is now available

MillBox for Amann Girrbach is now available on Ceramill 2 and Ceramill 3 machines. This direct connection provides easy access to already known MillBox functionalities as well as extended connectivity with alternative CAD software. Read more.
7 November 2023

CIMsystem Asia & Pacific celebration event: the evolution of a Company

CIMsystem Asia & Pacfic 10° Year Celbration Event: the international journey of an Italian Company. Read the report
6 June 2023

FileHub: the unprecedented organizational manager

FileHub is an independent browser that helps you access all the STL files you have on your computer, gathering them into a single platform. Watch the video
11 May 2023

MillBox Aligner: an optimized cutting process

MillBox is also capable of cutting aligners. Check out the fastest and smartest process to get smooth and fast cut! it's also available as fully automated process in background! Watch the video
10 November 2022

MillBox: now available the new Product Video!

MillBox is a premier dental CAM sofware that simplifies even your toughest milling challenges. Know more by watching our new teaser video. Watch the video
11 May 2022

MillBox: find out all the available versions

With MillBox you only buy what you need. Fully customizable, really flexible and extremely easy-to-use, the software can be adapted to any type of workflow and productivity level as well as any open machine and any material. We set up 4 versions of the software, to be sure you work with the best configuration for your daily routine. Read more
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