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MillBox Modules

Available as a MillBox module, Make&Mill allows the user, within one application, two technologies: the additive and subtractive technique. Creating the object with additive technology, sintered metal or resin, the Make&Mill solution allows the user to take up work again to the milling object. The benefit is double: the additive technology ensures lower cost and commitment of the operators, while the subtractive technology brings precision finishing to the surfaces of the restorations.

Using Implant Editor, you can create custom implant-connection geometries on Rhinoceros 6 with our plug-in, MillBox Implant Editor. This tool simplifies the CAD design by handling for you the 3D shapes (e.g. cone, truncated cone, cylinder, chamfered cylinder, trilobal, and so on) and operations (e.g. boolean subtraction, boolean union, edge filletting) that are the most common when designing implant connections.

MillBox Implant Editor also supports additive technologies by providing you with with a simple way to create a sintering protection for each connection. To help you getting started quickly, we kept the sintering-protection workflow just the same as the connection workflow. With MillBox Implant Editor, you can design optimized protections for your connections to reduce both milling times and tool wear.