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With MillBox you only buy what you need. Fully customizable, really flexible and extremely easy-to-use, the software can be adapted to any type of workflow and any productivity level. Find out the key functions of any version and choose the one the that fits the most to your needs.

MillBox Standard

MillBox standard strongly supports you in organizing your daily work and optimizing your resources. The software allows you to add identification lebels on discs to speed the automatic disc selection process. It is also possible to read the information on the label with an appropriate tool.

This features allows you to create a live view of the milling process through any webcam connected to the PC or in your network. The video will appear in the background of MillBox and can be useful when you wish to keep an eye on the milling process while nesting in the CAM or to see how the machine performs even in the invisible sections.

The Artificial intelligence technology allows the software to automatically select and positioning the most used blank your object fits in. This fuction is key for stock optimization and material consuption reduction.

With MillBox you can automatically import multiple STL files from CAD to CAM at the same time. It is also possible to import multiple files with multicore technology, to reduce the impoperation time.

MillBox Expert (standard +)

The software allows you to analyze the object quality before starting the milling and the restoration process. The thickness calculation is available on cavity or on the complete object mesh and can be applied to any object type. Now you can avoid starting a manufacturing process risking an object breaking.

Thanks to this easy and intuitive function it is possible to extract any type of implant connection from the imported STL file. The extracted connection will be automatically added to the REPLACE library and archived for reuse.

The alignment and size of the stabilizers can be customized in width and height, to reduce the risk of object deformation during the sintering phase.

This feature can be applied to abutments that have an angled screw hole and allows the user to change the orientation of the occlusal hole. After that the result of the milling will be modified compared to the original design. Therefore it is warmely recommended to carefully check the status to ensure it still fits with the application.

MillBox Clinic

This function allows users to change the cavity fit parameters with no need of modifying the strategy. Those parameters settings can be archived and reused for similar objects

The project can be automatically imported, placed and launched into the CAM system regardless the CAD used.

In MillBox every kind of material can be displayed with as shaded and multilayered to allow users to insert and move the element in the most appropriate position, in line with the color gradient.

MillBox manages the “Lollipop 3/4” spherical tool  to machining some undercut in crown and/or bridge with 3-4 axes machine.

Thank to the Artificial Intelligence MillBox makes the object undercuts visible and automatically detects them to automatically apply the appropriate milling.

MillBox ECO

MillBox automatically manages blanks and tools allowing machining up to 90 degrees. This function facilitates the creation of morphologies with vestibular “cutback” while guaranteeing the necessary space for milling.

During the import of telescopic STL files MillBox automatically identifies the best position and place the two objects. The automatic identification of the secondry occlusal axes will gurantee the perfect match.

The high flexibility of MillBox enables the user to select up to 5 types of different stabilizers. The selection can be done depending on the object shape and structure as well as on the material. If prefrable, it is also possible to mark the stabilizer as fovourite and apply to every project.

MillBox recognizes the interproximal (contact) areas that have been defined in the CAD or LAB3D Explorer and automatically places the connectors outside these areas.

MillBox automatically places pins and shows equator line for any of the element in the project while calculating the best positioning to guarantee a perfect milling.  You can move pins according to your preferences, the software will automatically inform you about the creation of eventual undercuts.

Choose the version that best suits your needs!