18 June 2024

OT Bridge Protocol: An efficient system for effective fixed prostheses

Scientific research has enabled major advances in implantology, such as the OT Bridge protocol, made from a series of innovative elements that can stabilize the prosthesis more while reducing the number of implanted screws.. Read more
21 May 2024

CIMsystem against the use of pirated software: Interview with Marco Cervini, Asia & Pacific Operations Director

CIMsystem, a leading provider of dental CAD/CAM solutions, is at the front line in the fight against the use of pirated software. By using unofficial solutions, it might cause wrong software usage damaging tools and machines. Check the article
21 July 2023

MillBox Academy: the New Training Program for CIMsystem USA

CIMsystem USA, a leading provider of dental CAD/CAM solutions, is excited to announce a partnership with Level UP CAD/CAM. As the official provider for MillBox training in North America, Level UP aims to improve lab tech and clinician access to CAD/CAM courses featuring MillBox and the manufacturing workflow. Check the article
26 June 2023

Yndetech & CIMsystem: combined hybrid solution for a fully digital workflow

Yndetech and CIMsystem recently took a new step in dental manufacturing together by integrating laser melting technology with MillBox & Make&Mill dental CAM. Read More
22 March 2023

CIMsystem’s Hybrid Solutions: discover the future of dental manufacturing

The integration of different technologies within a single solution is the future of dental manufacturing. Thanks to research and development, innovative and integrated tools have been designed to digitize the whole processing workflow. CIMsystem, a leading provider of CAD/CAM solutions in the dental and industrial manufacturing industries, has always focused on innovation and the development of technologically advanced applications partnering with industry leaders. Read the article
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