The hybrid solution for sintering and rest material

Main Features

MillBox add-on module, allowing the use of two different technologies, additive and subtractive, within a single software package.

Unique iterface: for the positioning of the elements and the finishing is an important condition that allows to optimize the realization time and the process is always under control.

Great potential is the possibility of choose the part to be finished and the possibility to add the material at the desired point.

Make&Mill prepares the objects to be sintered by adding overmetal close the implant connections that will be taken up later in milling. The libraries are complete and editable, using the “Implant Editor” module.

Automatic function for recognition of parts with implant, the system is able to create custom caps according to different personal technical needs.

Unique interface with wizard for the realization of the object, ready to be sintered.

Simple calibrating procedure and support insertion.
It is possible to remove and reposition the support equipment by simply and error-free.

The machinig strategies and the centering system of the “spider” on the equipment guarantee the processing of the connections with the required tolerances to obtain the perfect fit.

Machining done on both sides allows a perfect finish of all mating parts.

Optimizations of the machining paths are possible by the uses.

Make&Mill is a module able of satisfy every type of need, a spider web system dedicated to the recovery of parts with systems but not only, with recovery machining from both sides.

The plate module used for a greater production of cemented parts (copings, bridges) is however possible to work parts with implants using single sided machining strategies.

In this case it is always the recovery of the implant screw stop.