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Stay up to date with the latest features and releases of Pyramis.

This function allows you to select objects that have already been imported and lock them into position on the plate. This will prevent the repeated placement of objects already on the plate when adding new objects.

The software generates a laser path made of alternate layers which highly reduce job execution time.

You can define the starting point of nesting according to your preferences.

This new function allows you to select and act on a single object placed on the plate. It highlights only the selected object and fades out the rest.

This feature is very useful when importing multiple objects onto the plate. The software allows for the positioning of a TAG to help identify each individual object.

The software can recognize and print elements with wall thicknesses of microscopic sizes (down to hundredths of a millimeter). This will increase the accuracy of printed objects.

A new material saving method has been implemented into Pyramis called Base Perforation. Base Perforation is available in a variety of shapes that suit objects to be printed and it features host pins only on filled spaces.

The cross supports (or called “without volume”) used exclusively for machines with laser technology, allow to have objects with supports made by a single laser step, easily detachable from the object at the end of the printing process.

The new, more accurate, faster nesting algorithm also allows you to select from which area of the platform to start placing objects, and takes into account the size of any equipment.

The preview has been added to project management. A preview image appears when you select the desired project, making it easier to find the project you want to work with..