Dental CAM for milling and 3D printing

Software Integrations

Reach out to the digitization of the machining process by realizing the entire manufacturing workflow with two single software.

Take advantage of 3D printing speed and cost effectiveness while keeping the high quality of milling process with Pyramis and Make&Mill!

How? In 3 simple steps:

1. Start a project in Make&Mill

2. Print in 3D with Pyramis

3. Refine milling in Make&Mill.

All in a very easy way. You can easily switch between the two software interfaces in just one click!

What is Pyramis?

Pyramis is the complete solution for 3D printing management. It leads you through all the necessary steps for project preparation and execution can be used with the most popular existing technologies (SLM, SLA, DLP) and printing materials (resins, metals, etc.). With a simple and intuitive user interface, Pyramis menages multiple levels of operational requirements and provides consistent reliable results regardless the printing technologies used at affordable cost.