CIMsystem Asia & Pacific celebration event: the evolution of a Company

At the end of October (26-27)CIMsystem Company had the pleasure of gathering the most relevant business partners, the Head Office top Managers and the entire Asia Team in Phuket to celebrate a milestone of the Company International Journey. Indeed, everyone got together to celebrate the 10 Anniversary of the foundation of that CIMsystem legal entity based in Hong Kong, that is actually serving all the Asian continent through subsidiaries in Thailand, China and Korea.The event represented a pivotal occasion to celebrate 10 years of great achievements, while pushing the bouderies beyond the limits of the next business to come: “We are determined to consolidate and expand our presence in this fascinating and ever-evolving continent. We will continue to invest in cutting-edge technologies, promote sustainability and nurture the relationships that provided added-value to our business development plans while strenghing our leadership and creating a performing, extreamely motivated team” – said Emilio Manini, CIMsystem CEO. After a brief Company presentation made by CIMsystem HQ representatives, Mr. Marco Cervini, Asia& Pacific Operations Director, presented the “CIMsystem Asia 10 years results and ongoing activities”, focusing on the forseen opportunities in asian emerging Countries.